Shirley Corrin extends lead in the Singles League

Week 10 of the Indoor Bowls season has seen Shirley Corrin extend her lead in the Singles League by beating Mike Ashmole 18-6. Marilyn Ellison lost 10-13 to John Kewley, Gordon Corrin lost 8-13 to Glynis Drinkwater and Alan College lost 10-11 to Win Kewley. This means that Shirley Corrin tops the League with twenty four points followed by Win Kewley with eighteen points and Mike Ashmole with sixteen points.

In the Premier Pairs we saw Blues Brothers lose 0-4 to Cheesemakers, Villa Boys draw 2-2 with Ramsey Wallys and Northern Lights lose 0-4 to Villans. Spinners drew 2-2 with Tee Pegs and GG’s lost 0-4 to the Officials leaving Villans in first place with thirty one points followed by Cheesemakers with thirty points and in third place are Ramsey Raiders with twenty three points.

The First Division Pairs saw a really close game between Douglas Old Boys and TOU 2-2 end level with 14 chalks each, LIV Bowls beat 1 in 4 with a score of 4-0 and Generations and Enigma drew 2-2. How We Role beat Tinjo 4-0 and the remaining match was 2-2 draw between Us 2 and Castletown Crofters. Leading this League we have LIV Bowls with thirty four points while How We Role are in second place on twenty six points followed by Castletown Crofters on twenty four points.

In the Friday Afternoon Pairs a great effort from GG’s saw them beat Tinker and Bell 4-0, Rejects and the Watties drew 2-2 and Sunset Rollers beat Woodbourne Reds 4-0. Top Dogs beat High Jacks 4-0 and Crown Greeners and Celtic Thunder drew 2-2 meaning that League is topped by Top Dogs with twenty eight points with Crown Greeners second with twenty four points and Sunset Rollers third with twenty four points.

There were three matches played in the Premier Teams League with Ramsey Wallys beating Spinners 4-2, Cheesemakers beating Birdies 6-0 and Villans beating Saltire 4-2. This means that Cheesemakers lead with thirty eight points followed by Ramsey Wallys with thirty five points and Villans with twenty seven points.

In the Tuesday Morning League Maxums lost 6-0 to Vee 3, Early Birds lost 2-4 to Ramsey Raiders and the Bowling Stones lost 0-6 to Onchan Royals. In the remaining match the Villans beat Hillbillies 6-0 which means that Ramsey Raiders lead with forty three points followed by Villans with thirty eight points and Onchan Royals with thirty three points.