QPR hold top spot in the Premier Team League

The Match of the Week in Week 8 of the Indoor Bowls has to be Villans against Dragons in the Premier Team League in a match which once again saw both teams playing superb bowls and Dragons finally taking the match with a ‘measure’ on the very last bowl. Elsewhere in this League another solid performance from TBC saw them beat Spinners 6-0, QPR also showed good form to take a similar 6-0 win over Ramsey Raiders and in a very close match we saw Saltire beat Birdies 4-2. These results left QPR topping the League with 38 points, Dragons second on 36 and Villans third on 28 points.

In the First Division Teams a solid 4-2 win for Maxums against Odds and Bobs saw them extend their lead over DNA to nine points as DNA lost 4-2 to Mann Utd. Also in this League Odd Balls beat Flat Mats 4-2 and Castletown Crofters lost 4-2 to Smugglers. This leaves Maxums leading the League on 34 points with DNA second and Odd Balls third both on 25 points.

In the Premier Pairs the strong Dragons pairing of Clive and Mark McGreal had a 4-0 victory over Likely Lads with the latter team also having a strong pair in Jimmy Sansom and David Quirk. Cheesemakers found themselves with a battle on their hands as they played Young Guns with this match ending a 2-2 draw. Villans also kept up their hopes of challenging for the League at the end of the season with a 4-0 win over Tee Pegs, Jazz and Northern Nomads played out a 2-2 draw as did Radical Heads and Spinners. The League leaders then are Dragons on 26 points with Cheesemakers second on 23 points and Villans third on 22 points.

The First Division Pairs saw a convincing 4-0 win for Bowledly Going Nowhere over PAL while Odds and Bobs drew with Orange Peelers as did Enigma with Huff n Puff and Castletown Crofters with Terriers leaving the latter team top of the League on 22 points with Castletown Crofters second also on 22 points and in third place Orange Peelers on 19 points.

In the Second Division Pairs we have Odds and Bobs 2 increasing their lead in the League by beating Corrins Folly 4-0 while Flat Mats also beat Questionaires 4-0 and Reckless Rollers and Outcasts played out a 2-2 draw. Unfortunately Ramsey Raiders were unable to turn out a pair for their match against Woodbourne Reds so the latter team were awarded a 4-0 walkover. This then leaves Odds and Bobs 2 top of the League with 30 points , Reckless Rollers second on 22 points and Outcasts third on 19 points.

The Tuesday Morning League saw wins for Villans, Onchan Royals, Castletown Crofters, Maxums and Ellan Vannin leaving Villans topping the League with 42 points followed by Maxums on 33 points and Ellan Vannin on 29 points.

Club Championship Reminder

Finally can I remind everyone that entries for the Championships must be in by 23rd December so please enter your names on the Lists in the NSC Bowls Hall.