New bowls season gets underway

Monday evening saw the start of the Indoor Bowling season league competition with 9 teams competing for top honours in the Premier Pairs League.

Northern Lights took both sets against Officials to gain maximum points. Simple Minds took the first set 10 chalks to Villans 5. A tighter second set with Villans finishing on 6 chalks to 3.  Two match points each. Blues Brothers with a total of 14 chalks took both sets to get maximum points against Tee Pegs 6. Dumb and Dumber took the first set against Villa Boys. However, Villa Boys came back strongly in the second set. Both teams getting 2 match points each. Newly promoted LIV Bowls had a bye.

The ever-popular Tuesday Morning League has 10 teams playing Singles, Pairs and Triples.

The scores were even after the triples game in the match Hillbillies against Early Birds. The Early Bird’s John Kewley taking the singles match against Shirley Corrin. Another tight match in the pairs ending 4 points for the Early Birds and 2 points for the Hillbillies.

A very close Triples match with new team KCS Sunshine Band taking the win by one chalk from Villans. The Villans took the singles match and the pairs ending with only one chalk between the teams and victory going to the Villans 4 points KCS Sunshine Band 2.

A full house for Ramsey Raiders taking maximum points against The Bowling Stones. Onchan Royals also took maximum points in their match against Castletown Crofters. Maxums getting a convincing win in the Triples against The Morganites. Then just losing out in the Singles and drawing the Pairs: 3 points apiece.

Tuesday evening saw the First Division Pairs teams in action. Eleven teams competing for promotion to the Premier Pairs.

TOU taking the first against Enigma. Enigma came back to take the second set. The match ending 2 points each. 1 in 4 taking on Castletown Crofters in a very tight match. The first set going to Castletown Crofters. 1 in 4 took the second set.  Both teams taking 2 points each. US2 getting off to a good start taking both sets against TinJo. GGs lost the first set to J&S.  GGs rallied to take the second: 2 points each. Douglas Old Boys won both sets: taking full match points from The Newby’s. The Two Amigos having a Bye

There is a new format to Wednesday and Thursday evenings: the newly created Triples league with 7 teams in each league.

On Wednesday evening there was a Northern tussle between Ramsey Wallies and Ramsey Raiders. The Raiders taking both sets to get maximum points.  Simple Minds also had victories in both sets against Birdies. A tight game between Crown Greeners and Villans. Villans winning the first set. Then Crown Greeners taking the second set: 2 match points each.  Saltire getting a Bye.

In Thursday’s matches Optimists took the first set against Bowlistics, who then came back to win the second set. IBS won both sets against Oddballs to take maximum points. Morganites also took both set and maximum points against Fab Fogies.  Castletown Crofters had a Bye.

A busy Friday started with the Afternoon Pairs League with ten teams competing and finishing with the evening Singles League of ten players

The Afternoon Pairs saw Watties versus Top Dogs resulting in 1 set apiece.  Tinker & Bell losing both sets to Rejects.  GGs against Maxums, one set each. Newcomers CC and me took both sets and maximum points against US.

In the Singles league a win for Gorden Corrin against Win Kewley. Last year’s winner Shirley Corrin taking the win against John Kewley.  Muriel Cain winning against newcomer Scott Widdowson. In the Garrett match Stuart just losing by one chalk to Paula. In the battle of the Mikes, Mike Ashmole losing out Mike Moyer. Full results and tables available here.

Round robins

Time to relax on Saturday afternoon with a friendly Round Robin with 27 members taking part.

If you fancy giving indoor bowls a go, we offer free intro sessions. Just contact