Indoor Bowling Season starts on the 14th October

The much awaited start of the Indoor Bowling Season at the National Sports Centre starts on the 14th October with many eagerly looking forward to what we anticipate to be an exciting season.

It is quite difficult for me to do a full preview this week as looking at the list of teams I see new teams in leagues and I need to see what players make up the teams before I can judge who may be in with a chance at the end of the season. I do however hope to do a full preview next week.

The format will be as previous years with the Premier Pairs on a Monday evening, the First Division Pairs on Tuesday, Premier Teams on Wednesday, First Division Teams on a Thursday and Second Division Pairs on a Friday. As previously there will also be a Morning League on Tuesdays with a 10 am start and all evening sessions start at 6-30 pm with all members being encouraged to turn up in good time so we can have a prompt start.

The popular Saturday Round Robins will again take place and will start at 1-30 pm on the 12th October.

Finally, I have two reminders, the first being that the Bowling Hall will be closed for work on the carpet on the 16th October, and the second being will everyone please ensure that they check in and get their card swiped at reception for all sessions including just going down for practice.