Bowls Etiquette

Bowling remains one of the few sports where common courtesy and etiquette are still prevalent, and there is general acceptance of a common set of unwritten guidelines.

Here’s a brief guide to bowls etiquette:

  • Be on time for your match
  • Shake hands with your opponent before and after a game
  • Respect the playing surface; do not drop bowls onto the green and always wear the correct footwear
  • Switch off your mobile phone
  • Stand behind the player on the mat, out of their eye line, and stay still so as not to distract them
  • Stay on your own rink and support your team
  • Do not obscure the rink boundary markers or the centre line markers
  • Stand well back from the head when your opponent is delivering his bowl and be aware that weighted shots may send bowls in your direction
  • Do not remove bowls from the head until the outcome has been agreed with your opponent
  • Wait until your opponent’s bowl has come stopped before taking control of the rink
  • If an umpire is called to measure a shot, stand well away from the head until a decision is given.

These guidelines are mostly common sense but they contribute to the enjoyment of the game for all.

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