A leap up the CopyShop Indoor Bowls League for US

A dramatic change of fortune for US as they leapt up the table from bottom to fourth place after a 2-set win over The Bowling Stones.  In the rest of the Friday Afternoon Pairs League Top Dogs are 3 points clear of second place Rejects as both teams took all the points from their matches. In a close game Maxums and Watties took a set each, the chalks result ending 17-18 to Watties; and Crown Greeners and GGs shared the points with a set each.

Second place Simple Minds had a chance for top spot in the CopyShop Premier Pairs if they could take a 2-set win against LIV bowls. However, it was not be as they could only manage to get one point from a draw in the second set. Third placed Villa Boys could improve their position with a win but Officials took the first set. The Boys stepped up a gear to take the second set 11-2. In the other matches Tee Pegs and Dumb and Dumber took a set each; and in a tight match Villans took the first set 9-7, and Northern Lights the second 7-8. The evening ended with no change at the top.

In the Tuesday Morning League KCS Sunshine Band couldn’t stop Onchan Royals from taking all the point in their match. However, KCS earned enough chalks to keep their fourth place. Ramsey Raider also won all sets against The Morganites. Villans were successful in the triples and singles, but Maxums held on to a 10-6 win in the pairs. Castletown Crofters were kept to single figures in both triples and singles by Hillbillies. Crofters rallied in the pairs to gain 2 points from the match. The Bowling Stones managed a win in the pairs, after Early Birds took points from the triples and singles.

First Division Pairs leaders J&S took all the points from their match against The Two Amigos; the win gives them a clear lead of 4 points over second place 1-in-4 who could only manage to draw against GGs. Enigma kept third place Douglas Old Boys to singles figures in each set but couldn’t stop them taking a 2-set win. A tight match between US2 and Castletown Crofters ended a 2-set win for Crofters. The win now puts Crofters ahead of US2. Another bunny-hop up the table for TinJo, as they took both sets from The Newby’s

Ramsey Wallys are now 6 points clear of the rest in the Premier Triples after a 2-set win over Ramsey Raiders. Simple Minds and Villans had wins in their games and enough chalks to jump Villans into second place and Simple Minds up to third.

In the First Division Triples only 2 points separate the top 4, but Bowlistics are back on top by securing two point from the draw against Optimists. Morganites kept third place after drawing the match against Fab Fogies.

Changes at the top of the Singles league as Paula Garrett won her match against Gordon Corrin to take the top spot by one point. The win for Muriel Cain against Mike Moyer pushes her up to third. John Kewley gets his first win of the season against Mike Ashmole and Win Kewley gets her second win against Shirley Corrin to move her up to sixth place.

Full results and tables on www.isleofmanindoorbowling.org Thank you to our League sponsors The Copyshop.