Health and Social Benefits of Bowls

As well as just having fun, bowls has many health and social benefits to offer prospective players. It provides anaerobic exercise giving a variety of muscles a workout while also exercising the mind as you learn tactical play. In a typical game you will:

  • Bend approximately 42 times.
  • Walk about 0.8 miles (1,260 metres).
  • Swing your arm with a 3 pound weight about 40 times.

The social benefits of bowls are many, a few of which are outlined below:

  • Can be played by all age groups.
  • Provides an opportunity to make new friends.
  • Allows partners to play together thus avoiding 'bowls widows'.
  • Facilitates regular social contact.
  • Provides an opportunity to become part of a community.

Why not get yourself along to the NSC and try it for yourself, you will be made most welcome. Alternatively contact:

David Quirk
27 Birchill Av.,
Isle of Man, IM3 4ES
01624 627863

for further information.